The Mafia And Ocean Shores

As rumors have been told and lies have been spread to cover those rumors up, we must sit and think why is it this way? Ocean Shores and it’s “history sign” outside our little museum might be missing something. And that something is a big thing,”The Mafia”. The Mafia has been part of Ocean Shores for along time and it will continue to be. Ocean Shores was founded by Matt”Sticky Fingers” McGee, a low level associate for the historyHollywood Mob. As the story goes McGee was sent out to Ocean Shores to acquire this land for his higher ups. When Mcgee passed he willed the land to his grandson Ray “The Miner” Minard, who was also part of the Hollywood Mob. Unlike McGee Ray decided to put the land into a Mob company. This way if anything ever did come back to haunt them he would be clear and safe. They planned on making Ocean Shores a private resort type get away. These plans seemed to be working exactly how they wanted it too. The celebrities were flocking to Ocean Shores to buy land and party! But then in 1980 the problems happened. The town became poor, the idea of this resort was gone.  The mob had hope still they talked about turning the canals into a giant “trash dump”, which I’m assuming is code for “we can hide the bodies here”. In the 1990 developement picked back up the town seemed to have a future again! But the mob wasn’t letting this little town out of it’s grapse! As we the locals know this town is ran by 5 major businesses that have contracts and agreements with the “city” to not allow any other competition in. These businesses are still owned and ran by the same Hollywood Mob as the original Ocean Shores company. The owners of these businesses go by many names which I must not devolge for fear of my life. But remember this is why this town will stay frozen in time and not progress. It is being held down by the “elite” mobsters of the past.


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