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Dairy Of A Plague Camp Vet

The Dairy Of A Vet.

The outbreak struck me as a surprise, I mean you hear about it everywhere but Hawaii never thought I would be in the middle of this. The first sighting was over 2 months ago, they started to wash up in the waves, at first they looked like just normal dead bodies we have been getting a lot of those. I guess people trying to escape figure if they swim out to the ocean they will be safe. But something was different about this one, it had a odd sense about it. I could see it out my window and I was amazed and shocked when I saw it stand up and head for the what the main landers call the “jungle”.

Within weeks we had about 10 cases of the virus popping up in the “boonies” I guess since its a known ice area, which is what we call the meth factories, that it must not of been noticed when these people where walking around white and torn up. It almost felt right to know those addicts where the first to go.

I wasn’t to worried since the first sign of outbreaks in the world I’ve been setting up, I know I must sound like a crazy old man. But I have seen so much that I knew if you’re not prepared for the worse then you will be one of the ones left behind.


Its be 4 weeks and finally I saw them, the horde has finally come. I probably shouldn’t of canceled my cable for the fact I had no idea what was going on in the outside world any more.  But I thought it was the best idea save money, stock up on food. So now Im sitting here watching these things walk around the beach side. They seem to have no fear of the water they get sucked up and spit right back out. Some of them who have just recently washed ashore are bloated and soaked in the salt water, all I can think is the virus doesn’t need to breath or maybe it has a secondary breathing method. Im not a scientist so I really don’t know all I know is I have to survive, I want to live and watch the world rebuild.

Its been two weeks since I wrote this, Im starting to feel the pressure of getting out of this place, but I don’t know if the main land is even safe any more. Last I heard it was only in Canada, but even if its not to the mainland, I’ve seen what they do and how they spread. I don’t think we have much time left they need to take action. Maybe its just this island who’s been hit by the infection this hard… I hope the government comes soon.

I heard a knock on my door well I was writing earlier it was a young child, I was worried she was bit but I couldn’t leave her outside in that chaos. It seems not all the “hordes” are actually the living dead some seem to be human, alive… not so well though it looks like the junkies have started going mad and the most civil of us are resorting to thievery and murder to get what they want. The young girl has been telling me stories all day about how the city is in ruins and the police can’t contain the outbreak and deal with the riots at the same time, I’m worried what if america has forgotten us?

What are we going to do?

It’s been three days since my last entry, I haven’t been feeling up to writing due to what I had to do the other night, remember the young girl I told you about? She was bitten, I’m not sure what she was trying to get from outside but I saw the attack. I could do nothing but shoot her and the attacker down. I knew she would never want to be one of those things, I had to stop it.. I had to.. I could ..

Its been 2 weeks since the last entry I’ve only left the house for moments at a time, I know its not safe outside but I have to wonder what is going on. The riots seem to have stopped but the hordes are still lurking around. This is nothing like Vietnam, nothing at all these tactics the zombie uses are animalistic to a point but genius  other times.  I watched two of these creatures rush a riot patrol group from the front well five others came from the alley way and took them out from behind. I have no choice but to try and get my hands on a phone or radio of some type I need to get out of here.

It happened today

one the west side of the island a missile was launched I heard on the radio for all survivors to head to the east it is a safe evacuation zone, Im not sure if I believe this. I know are government has done some horrible things and I know how worried they get when a disease or virus goes ramped, they might just be setting all of us up to die.

I have been taken without my permission to the east side camp. But so far it has all been fine I hope this is the end of it! Maybe they have contained the outbreak to the west only.

I was wrong, they have been doing test on all the survivors, I have even seen a few

“living dead” on the other side of the barrier. The island is gone, we are gone.


I don’t think I will be writing any more the camp has become like one of those in nazi germany.

I would like for everyone to know what’s really going on down here so I am sending this to all the news companies in the main land.