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Seattle Wa: The Grounders Of Seattle

The legend of the “ground people” have been around since the 2nd version of Seattle was built after the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. This fire consumed the muck filled huts that passed as city houses of its time. The new city being built out of bricks and stone was built on top of the mucky left overs of Seattle pre-1889. The ground people have been rumored to of moved into the underground via sewage passages ways and tunnels meant to repair the underground structures that help support Seattle.

file9111277786723I was very interested in finding all I could about the “ground people” and the myths that consumed and shadowed them from the real world. So my adventure to confront one of these sub-humanoids began in near 1st ave. Everyone I spoke too told me I was insane and that the underground has been closed to the public. But I knew for the right price I could find a human trafficker that would smuggle me into this other worldly part of Seattle. I kept on with my search until I met a fellow by the name of “Jim Bridges”.

Jim was a burly looking guy, a real mans man. He wasn’t much for idle chit chat, straight to the point with this fellow. I informed him of my plans to interview a underground citizen of Seattle. He told me Bill Speidel did a tour still, I told him I don’t want none of that safety first bull. I wanted the real dirty Seattle underground where the grounders live. He nodded and told me he could get me into this part of the city for a price, with that we parted for the day. I knew what I had to do and I did it, I sold my Honda Civic for $900 and called Jim up.

The venture to the Underground City was interesting, we found a manhole near Madison Manhole Cover 2band slipped right in. We followed the sewer line for about 3 blocks until Jim pointed out a “door” that looked more like a piece of plywood stood up over a hole. But I decided this guy must know what he’s doing if he has the courage to take $900 from me S6000466and lead me into a sewer line.

We walked for over 30 minutes until I noticed that the cement had turned to muck and the smell of old condoms and fart had wore off. I was stunned by the structors I was seeing, these weren’t the old buildings that “burnt”. These were new town homes and luxury mansions built underground out of the trash from above. Jim pointed me to a circular building and told me that is where I should start first, he then gave me a little nudge and walked away.

I made my way to the building, slowly but surely I walked up the steps. I felt myself trembling waiting to see what these “grounders” looked like. I found myself crying as I reached for the door knob made out of a pepsi can. As I opened the door I heard it, a loud screech. They were there, the grounders the people of legends and myths. I got to see them but for a split second before one of them hit me with a 2×4. When I awoke I was in a rusted tube with cold ice and mud all over me, my side was in so much pain and my pants and wallet were gone.running-ice-bath

I’m not sure what exactly happened after the grounders attacked me but I do know this one day I will make my way back into the undergrounds and find my attacker and give him a what for.


Gold Bar: The Town Of The Cursed

We have all heard of Bigfoot in this small mountain town. But have any of you heard about the Curse Of Gold? The Gold Bar curse is a little known story in this day and age. The curse was put on the town by “Chief Sultan” of Sultan, Wa. Most in this town think that the noises they hear are just animals in the woods or the legendary bigfoot, but infact it’s something worse….

This monster has been called many things by the locals in Gold Bar such as “Skin Walker”, “Mishibizhiw”, and “Bigfoot” but infact another is to blame his name is “Larzgor”. Few have met this beast and lived. But I was lucky enough to meet one member of this community names “John” who informed me that he met this creature and lived. John went on to tell that since the experience he has a terrible time sleeping at night and has taken up drug use to forget about the memories. I begged him to tell me the story of his encounter, I ended up having to give him money for a “8ball” in trade for the story about his encounter. So with a slip of some cash and a needle full of heroin the story begins.

                                                          The Story Of Larzgor.

John was but a young boy maybe around the file3501334931345age of 13 when he met “Larzgor” as he so fondly calls him. He decided to go for a walk in the woods like a lot of people from Gold Bar do. He followed 1st Street all the way down and said he went onto some “private property”.

John insisted this was a normal occurrence in Gold Bar, and “private property” signs were meant for the cops not the locals. I nodded of course because who would want to disagree with a methed out hillbilly. His face was red with anger that I would even doubted such a thing. John insisted I dropped this notion of “privacy” and let him finish his story. So I let him continue with his encounter with this beast.
He told me he walked for half a mile before he started to hear things in the woods. He said it sounded as if it was coming from all sides. A horrible smell of rotten stale water and death soon followed, he insisted that water can go stale and that it stinks horribly. He told me that he felt as if he should of turned around but he kept going out of fear.

Then it appeared a beast like none he had seen before. He said it’s head was large and dog shaped but looked like something out of the sea. He claims it even spoke to him. He told me it spoke in tongues but soon he understood it word fofile0001173358771r word. It was saying, “Do not puff the dragon for the dragon she’ll never be caught”. I’m unsure what this could mean but he looked shaken when he repeated it too me.

I urged him eagerly to keep going, I must of frightened him because he soon fell silent. I then noticedfile000922417003 he nodded off so I took a line and put it under his nose.
I had to cut my interview short because when he awoke, he awoke in a furry. He began to swinging furniture around yelling, “Larzgor!! LARZGOR!!.” I made my way to my car with a new understanding of this town. I shall never shake this experience and I never want to.

The Mafia And Ocean Shores

As rumors have been told and lies have been spread to cover those rumors up, we must sit and think why is it this way? Ocean Shores and it’s “history sign” outside our little museum might be missing something. And that something is a big thing,”The Mafia”. The Mafia has been part of Ocean Shores for along time and it will continue to be. Ocean Shores was founded by Matt”Sticky Fingers” McGee, a low level associate for the historyHollywood Mob. As the story goes McGee was sent out to Ocean Shores to acquire this land for his higher ups. When Mcgee passed he willed the land to his grandson Ray “The Miner” Minard, who was also part of the Hollywood Mob. Unlike McGee Ray decided to put the land into a Mob company. This way if anything ever did come back to haunt them he would be clear and safe. They planned on making Ocean Shores a private resort type get away. These plans seemed to be working exactly how they wanted it too. The celebrities were flocking to Ocean Shores to buy land and party! But then in 1980 the problems happened. The town became poor, the idea of this resort was gone.  The mob had hope still they talked about turning the canals into a giant “trash dump”, which I’m assuming is code for “we can hide the bodies here”. In the 1990 developement picked back up the town seemed to have a future again! But the mob wasn’t letting this little town out of it’s grapse! As we the locals know this town is ran by 5 major businesses that have contracts and agreements with the “city” to not allow any other competition in. These businesses are still owned and ran by the same Hollywood Mob as the original Ocean Shores company. The owners of these businesses go by many names which I must not devolge for fear of my life. But remember this is why this town will stay frozen in time and not progress. It is being held down by the “elite” mobsters of the past.

Observations of Ocean Shores, WA

Carefully Choosing Words

The city was built on the expectations of major growth, but fell far short. Whoever planned for the increased must be kicking themselves. It seems more like a trickle of people to me. Maybe it’s more designed for people to came and go. There are quite a few places to sleep, whether in an RV or hotel.

They built sidewalks on areas that get little walking traffic. The Fire Department looks very large for the size of the city. But, it looks like City Hall is also in the Fire Department as well.

Golfing is very popular around here. The greens are right next to the library. So, we get to see a lot of golfers pass by.

The water is the second worst tasting out of the tap in Washington. Ferndale still tastes worse with the added chlorine. I’m glad I brought over a gallon of Aberdeen water for…

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