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The Untold Story Of Metro

2020 MetroDead

All I could hear was the alarm sound, I couldn’t stand the noise anymore. To my surprise it wasn’t the alarm at all. “Bloody hell, what is that noise.. Its only 2 am.”, I glanced and noticed the emergency broadcasting system was blasting on my telly.  I couldn’t help but talk to my self. “What am I missing? What is going on…” I was used to the loneliness. I worked long day shifts so I never really watched telly much, so I was dumbfounded when I saw the emergency broadcasting system blasting with the word scrolling around at the bottoms, “Please stay indoors, major riots in the metro area. Stay tuned for more information.” I just couldn’t figure it out. It was fine yesterday maybe a little less traffic but nothing that I knew of  that would cause a riot. Then again another World War could be breaking out and I wouldn’t have a clue. I work in the underground Water Containment Center  down in Manchester and before that I was never a “social bee” as my granny used to say, but that was before I moved to Droylsden. I’ve lived alone in the boonies for about 3 years now, I originally came from the states to this peaceful place in the UK.


I figured I would try and call my sister make sure everything is okay over at her place. The phone rang for a good 5 minutes be for anyone answered, “Hello…” the voice on the other end didn’t sound like her husband, but it was definitely a mans voice. “Roy? Is that you? Is every thing okay??”, I waited for a reply and got nothing. The phone was silent but I could tell they didn’t hang up. Suddenly I heard “Oh my god….”, and it went silent again. I couldn’t take it any more I threw the phone down and grabbed my jacket. I was speeding down the road, all I could see was fire and people running around like lunatics, it was a sight straight out of a Stephen King novel. I took the left past RiteMed, she lived less than a block away from the drugstore. I was almost to the house when I saw her running down the street. I honked the horn and rolled down my window, “Sis are you okay?! Whats going on?!”, she looked like she was missing a chunk right out of her arm. “They are … they are….” instantly she passed out.

I grabbed her and put her in the back seat. She was bleeding all over….